The Subaru XV 2014 Icebear.

Our task… to produce a photoreal Polar Bear for the New Subaru XV 2014 commercial in Switzerland. Here you can see a little behind the scenes of what we did.

The Challenge

OK! so to develop a photoreal animal, in this case a Polar Bear is not one of the easiest thing to produce in Computer Graphics, since Fur, Rig, Light, Texturing and compositing had to be precise to achieve the desired look.

Behind the Scenes


The idea of the Polar BearĀ  originally evolved from a bear “hugging” the main actor to a playful Bear standing by the car, just being curious.

We had to be careful not to outshine the Product, that in this case was the New Subaru Icebear, but from our perspective we wanted to craft beautifully a believable and young looking Polar bearĀ  that will bring life to the Packshot.

Now with more power than ever, we had full control over advanced options and we stylized the fur just the way we needed to.

All of the elements in this bear were carefully crafted with a high attention to detail to ensure a consistent & high-end look.

At the end of the day the Production house, Advertising agency and client were really satisfied, asking us to participate on the next project!

Great News for us!!!

Completed Project